Road Safety

Alan's School of Motoring are totally committed to improving the safety of our roads. All of our customers are made fully aware of the potential dangers on the road before the get in the driving seat. We are proud that all of our customers are safer drivers as a result of our attention to detail on road safety.

With traffic accidents being one of the highest killers of our young people, we see it as our responsibility to educate and inform our customers of the dangers of drink driving, speeding and negligence at the wheel (using mobile phones etc). We also stress the importance of wearing seat belts which no doubt saves thousands of lives every year in the event of accidents.

If you choose to learn with Alan's School of Motoring, you will be learning from the best in the business, it is our philosophy that once you understand and are aware of the potential dangers in driving on the road, you can concentrate on your driving skills. We promise that you would become a better, more confident and safer driver if you learn with us.

For more information regarding our focus on road safety or to book a course of lessons, please either call us on 07876 337105 or complete the short form on the right of this page.






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